Helping you be

You be you! Your best you!

What makes us different?

Our practice has distinguished itself as one in which you are valued as a whole person. We are known for careful listening, observing, and genuinely caring about our patients. We strive to look at you as a whole person and a whole body, mind and spirit as we work to improve your health.  As you journey through life, with the ups and downs that often affect health and wellbeing, we are there to hear the problems, determine the impact or risk, and help you be restored or to maintain good health. Patients often relate that they feel like we are their friends.

To find out more...

You can read the biography of Dr. Renée Woods , check us out on Facebook, or ask about an opportunity to talk with one of Dr. Woods' patients. Over the years most our patients have been referred by other patients who feel their needs are uniquely addressed under Dr. Woods' personalized, individualized care.