Dreams & the Language of God


Dreams & the Language of God

If this was a dream, what would it mean?

We invite you to join us in this event, sponsored by Renee Woods MD. If you search the web for “dreams, COVID,” you will find a large amount of information coming up in the news and elsewhere as mankind is stepping up in dreaming in these times that have proven so challenging and perplexing. We know a lot of you, and we, too, are interested in knowing what our dreams tell us. We think you will find this an exciting, supportive and helpful topic to participate in with us!


on December 3rd and 4th at the Breakthrough Christian Church
1220 Business Parkway Union Gap, WA 98903
to learn about Dreams & the Language of God

We are running an early bird special until November 19th, please go to the link below to learn more and to register:

Grounded in the Word of God & Interactive, here’s what you can expect to gain:

  • The Father’s hear and a strong biblical foundation for interpreting dreams, visions and pictures
  • Growth in understanding the language of the Holy Spirit
  • Revelatory insight into the supernatural realm of dreams and visions
  • Practical tools for unlocking the hidden meaning of your dreams, visions and pictures
  • Ways for communicating interpretations in language people can understand
  • Inspiration and encouragement in using the gifts of the Spirit outside the four walls of the church

Real Life examples, live interpretation, activation exercises and Q&A will make this a highly interactive and dynamic weekend! Join us for a fun and transforming time!

Meet the Speaker: Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard

Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard is passionate about helping people know the nature and character of God and how they were uniquely created to reflect His Light and Love to the world. Through solid Biblical teaching and personal stories marked by fresh revelation, honesty, transparency, and humor, she imparts the Father’s heart and spurs the church on in bringing Heaven to Earth. Foundational in what she shares is growing in intimacy with God. Jeannine has over 17 years experience in teaching on hearing God’s voice, prophetic evangelism, and biblical dream interpretation and is an instructor for John Paul Jackson’s Streams Ministries International. Based in Victor, Idaho, Jeannine travels, teaches and helps develop and lead outreach teams at art and film festivals, new age events and local community gatherings.

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