Stem Cell Treatments Renee Woods

The discussion about what aging is has been going on for a long time. Science has come closer and closer to identifying the many factors that define and contribute to aging. Only a few years ago, we were saying “all chronic diseases of aging root back to inflammation.” Now, we can look deeper than that. We know that chronic, non-functional but damaging inflammation roots back, in large part, to the loss of stem cells. It is the job of stem cells in your body to monitor the immune system, alerting it to areas that need its attention, and assuring the immune system is dialed down when its job is done. As we lose our own stem cells with aging, the modulating property they provide to our immune system is lost more and more. Remember, our own stem cells are the same age as you, and they have experienced all the same experiences of damage, insult, and wear and tear that you have.

Utilizing mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that are derived from the otherwise discarded umbilical cord tissue of a normally born baby, may be effective in returning a mis-adjusted immune system back into proper balance.