Immune Balancing

Stem Cell Treatments Renee Woods

What is “immune balancing”? The current knowledge says all chronic disease roots back to inflammation, and this is a definite truth. We now realize chronic inflammation can be a result of the progressive loss of stem cells, in either number or functionality, or both, so your own body’s restorative capabilities are no longer effective in keeping the immune system healthy.

Stem cells have the “homing property” (like homing pigeons) of being drawn to tissues and areas with inflammation that also need regeneration, like a magnet to steel. And when they arrive there, they rally your body’s own systems of producing chemical signals and bringing in cells to accomplish what is needed. Along the way, if an immune system that has become dysregulated is detected, signals are carried out to bring the immune system back into balance. For an underactive immune system (a person who is overly susceptible to infection or invasion from things like bacteria, viruses, and fungus, for example), the immune system will be adjusted to be more responsive. For a person whose immune system is over-reacting, such as in autoimmune disease or other conditions of chronic inflammation, again the immune system is brought back to the normal, middle position. Stem cells act as “immune modulators.”

In these scenarios, either injecting into the inflamed site, or receiving a “wellness dose” of stem cells, can have remarkable results.