Inflammation: Source Identification and Reduction 

By now most of us are aware that the root cause of all chronic disease, including and especially those diseases that are associated with aging, is inflammation. It completely makes sense that the biochemistry and physics of inflammation would alter our body’s biochemical and physical function, damaging our repair systems and hampering or stopping repair and regeneration.

The big question is, “Where is my inflammation coming from?” and “What is the cause of the inflammation?” and “How can I stop it?”

At NewLeaf HealthCare, we see patients come in concerning inflammation very frequently. When patients come in for Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention and Recovery, a primary concern on our part is to identify inflammation for the purpose of prevention, and in the case of a patient who may come in already having had a heart attack or stroke, we know in advance they have inflammation that contributed to their disease. We make it our mission to find the source of the inflammation, and work on mitigating it. Patients may come in with thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders, concerns about brain function, joint and/ or muscle issues… all of these issues require a careful investigation into whether inflammation is an issue, and if it is, where is its root, and how do we address it to lower or eliminate its damaging effects?

Where inflammation is a concern (related to heart disease and stroke) is in the inflammation within arterie that can lead to the blockage of an artery that, if located in the heart or brain, will cause loss of blood flow and death of tissues in the heart or brain. In 99 out of 100 heart attacks or strokes, the blockage of an artery that led to the event is due to inflamed plaque in the artery which ruptured and released its “hot” contents into the artery. That debris then mixes with the blood as it flows by, forming a clot from the combination of debris and proteins in the blood, and blocking the artery. See this video for a visual example!

In another sort of problem area for arterial health, sometimes autoimmune antibodies can “attack” the lining of blood vessels, causing the same phenomenon and blocking the artery. Often this autoimmunity roots back to food allergies, and identifying food allergies, correcting the diet and restoring gut health can alleviate this issue. Sometimes inflammation can have toxicity as its source (toxins can over-activate the immune system), or hormone disruption, or even genetic tendencies. These can be identified and worked with to minimize the inflammation and its damaging effects.

At NewLeaf HealthCare, it is our priority to be watchful for indications of inflammation, and when we find those clues, to thoroughly investigate with the goal of relieving the problem.

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