Sexual Wellness – Female

Stem Cell Treatments Renee Woods

Sexual wellness for females is an issue that can begin even in the childbearing years, when injury from childbirth or other injuries can interfere with the physiologic systems that are needed to make the whole system work. NewLeaf encourages women to consider sexual wellness to be a high value and to be ambitious in seeking sexual health.

Whether from injury or from the processes of aging, these systems can be dramatically impacted and improved by the effect of stem cells. The systems involved include the hormone systems, the vascular system, the nervous system, and structural systems.

Because of the regenerative capabilities of stem cells, they offer the best solution to address declining sexual health. Symptoms may range from declining desire, declining ability to respond to stimulation, declining sensation, and gradual loss of the erectile properties of the tissues, and the energetic qualities of the tissues in reaching the energy levels required for orgasm.

NewLeaf takes pride in the fact that we are equipped to help you with every aspect of your health that plays a role in sexual health. We would like the opportunity to help you, not only with stem cell treatments to restore sexual health, but also in getting to the root causes of why those functions have declined, and once identified, to work on resolving them. We work to give you the best outcome and most enduring success of your treatment.

We urge you to be ambitious for your sexual health and its restoration. It’s encouraged for you to remember the vitality you once had and hope to regain that.